God is immeasurably generous. Nowhere is that seen more clearly than by the giving of His Son for our salvation and abundant life. When we give we reflect His generous character, which brings Him great pleasure. Giving to God regularly, generously, and cheerfully through the local church is an integral act of worship. It's a way of saying that God is our King and we are His people.

There are a few ways to give regularly to Victory Baptist Church:

In Person
Place your offering in the box in the auditorium on Sunday morning.

Bill Pay through your Financial Institution
Give directly through your bank or credit union and schedule weekly, monthly, or one-time gifts that come through the mail directly to the church.

Online Direct Giving
Give through your bank account or with a debit/credit card through PayPal by clicking below. We strongly advise against incurring any debt in order to give. Please note, PayPal withholds a small fee for this transaction.